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"Visions" EP Series

In late 2013, Ian created a 3 part video series to accompany his debut solo self-produced album "Visions".  Having recently transplanted from the midwest to New York City, Ian wanted to create a representation of a 'modern day vision quest'.  "Visions" is an evocative concept EP based upon one individuals transformation narrated through three sonically intricate and visually distinct pieces.  The hard-hitting first song "Spells", shot predominately lo-fi with a GoPro, expresses the fast paced, chaotic and jarring initiation into a new environment.  Torn between finite uncertainty and inestimable potential, the EP retreats into the second track "Infinite Possibilities".  The transformation resolves with the third track "Dry Land".  Shot in a sparse environment in HiFi to heighten the new found clarity, this final uplifting piece represents the completion of the metamorphosis from confusion and desperation into revelation. 

Part 1 - Spells

Part 2 - Infinite Possibilities

Part 3 - Dry Land

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